1. Gently remove bandage in one hour after procedure.
2. Wash tattoo with cool, soapy water. Use bare hands, no face cloth, be gentle.
3. Allow tattoo to air dry for a few minutes.
4. When dry, apply anti-bacterial ointment (A & D or Bacitracin preferred). Use a thin layer, wipe off excess. Do not use a blob of ointment, thin layer is best.
5. Use ointment for 5 days, 5 times per day depending on size of tattoo.
6. Do not re-bandage tattoo... ever.
7. After 10 days, a lotion may be used, plain white unscented only.

*What to avoid-

Tanning (while healing), direct sunlight.
Sauna or hot tub.
Swimming pools/beaches
Tub bathing (Showers are ok)
Do not pick at scabs
Do not scratch tattoo

*What to expect-

Minor redness while healing
Slight soreness to area
Flaky, light scabbing
Colors may appear muted or distorted while healing.
Dark skin tones may experience keloid scarring.


Extended exposure to sun/tanning will fade tattoos. Use quality sun block.
Expect flaky, scabbed, itchy feeling. Lotions may be used to care for healed tattoos. Use plain white unscented lotion.
If any redness, swelling or oozing persists, consult physician immediately, and notify your tattoo artist.
If cared for properly, tattoo is gauranteed for life. $20 set up fee will apply for re-color. Any work needed due to negligence will be done at full cost.
for any questions or concerns contact the tattoo artist. (508 - 677 - 4003)

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